Sending off Jun Moli, wishing Mo Junli

welcome to zhecydn website

Who is zhecydn 

The mountain light and the physical state make the spring glow, don't plan to return just because of the light shade

How lucky to meet you!

  hello,you are welcome。i am zhecydn,you can call me dongniao,At present, it is still a small pebble in the ocean of the Internet.I like research technology, digital,acg

Hope to meet you under the stars of the Sea of Bits!

  • linux

    linux system use
  • HTML5/CSS3

    create website ability
  • world

    Ability to observe the world
  • take active

    the ability to make things happen
  • magic

    the same level of ability as ordinary people
  • MoePower

    Ability to become Moe 2